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Watch the Video from Foothills Church Mission Trip

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The Foothills Church Pilgrim Fellowship, a group of high school and soon-to-be college students from the congregation, made their 2015 Mission Trip to the ‘Big Easy” in late June to help refurbish a house destroyed by hurricane Katrina 10 years ago.  Accompanied by a handful of parent and adult volunteers, they made their way to New Orleans for a week to work in the heat, rain and humidity.  And, it appears, to have a good time while having a life-changing experience.

Watch the video slide show of their adventure.

Facebook at Foothills Church

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Hello Foothills Congregational

As many of you may have heard, we have assembled a marketing committee that is committed to publicizing and growing our community. Our church being viewed as “the best kept secret on the Peninsula” is not in our long-term interests! One of our committee focuses has been Facebook, which is a valuable tool that we do not think has been utilized to its full potential. Foothills currently has several Facebook pages and lists. If you post to the wrong one, it may not reach the people you think it will!   Going forward, we want to focus on two Facebook FCC pages:


–    Our official announcement page that can be updated by a few people. Rev. Melanie Weiner will maintain this organization page. To get to this page, type Foothills Congregational UCC in the “search Facebook” field at the top of the main Facebook page. Open this page frequently to keep up on all the special events and people at FCC! Please “like” this page and you will have joined our site.


–    This is our public forum where you can comment on or publicize church events or point to relevant articles or web pages. To join our group page, simply hit the “Join” tab and you are in! You can then enter your comments in the “Write Post” box and all members who have joined will receive your messages. Currently, we have eight members. Let’s get this to 100+ by Christmas, what do you say?


–    All of the above may sound good but many of us learn best by jumping in and learn-by-doing. You are invited to an after church “FORUM FOR FACEBOOK” on Sunday, September 27th from 11:15-12:30 pm. Bring your laptops, iPads, phones, or pads of paper and pencils – have a cup of coffee and be trained in how to use Facebook, and specifically get on FCC UCC/Group. It will be a fun and informative intergenerational experience!

Anna Garverick and the Marketeers

Evelyn Vigil Documentary

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Foothills Church Ministry Partner, Rev. Evelyn Vigil, is, featured in a documentary film created by independent student filmmaker Kyle Knochenhauer.

Knochenhauer, a member at Foothills Congregational Church  and student at Mountain View High School, interviewed Vigil and her friends, family, and colleagues about Vigil’s experience and leadership as a jail chaplain.

Evelyn doesn’t just work with people. She connects with individuals.

“Being an ordained minister is wonderful in the sense that we share the high points and the low points of people’s lives. There are times when you can reassure people, and times when there are no words for what they’re going through. All people need, sometimes, is to know that somebody’s walking with them.”

Vigil is currently pursuing a DMin degree at the Graduate Theological Union.

To view the video, go to