For Adults

The Wednesday Meditation is sent by email and posted on our website each week.  It is written by Rev. Matt Broadbent or one of our other ministers.  Members appreciate this mid-week spiritual contact with the church.  Please note the link to the most recent meditation on the right side of each page.

Truth Seekers is a Thursday morning Bible study group that enjoys meeting to discuss current religious books, DVDs, and other publications with new insights on progressive Christianity.  In 2012 the group’s studies were wide ranging, from the parables and Buddhism to the Uppity Women of the Bible DVD.  Elaine Pagel’s book Revelations: Visions, Prophecy, and Politics in the Book of Revelation was of interest and the group viewed a 2-DVD series by John Dominic Crossan called The Challenge of Jesus.  Study also included the DVD series on science and religion hosted by Francis Collins, former Director of the Human Genome Project and current Director of The National Institutes of Health.

Lectionary Bible Study is led each Tuesday afternoon by Rev. Melanie Weiner.  The bible passages planned for the upcoming Sunday sermon are discussed.  Melanie’s knowledge of the bible and this opportunity for question and answer interaction increases our depth of understanding.  It’s always fun to hear what what is said in the sermon after the Tuesday discussion.

Spiritual growth for adults was the subject of recent neighborhood discussion meetings of members.  We specifically sought information about the spiritual needs and wishes of our older adults.  Already it has prompted the start of a “Practicing Prayer” study group that is exploring different types of prayer.  Also, a “Bible Boot Camp” was presented by Rev. Broadbent November 23 to outline the basics of our sacred scripture and will be held again March 1.  Other ideas are percolating.  In addition, this effort was the inspiration for creating a Faith Formation Website that provides many resources for exploring and enhancing our Christian faith – ways in which we engage with spirituality, the things that give our lives meaning, and the experiences we hunger for.  The site includes the various references given in the “Bible Boot Camp.”  The “Practicing Prayer” website is also recommended for following this group activity.

Raising children of faith in a secular world is the subject of 11:30 am Sunday morning discussions led by John Aney for  parents in our church.  John is a member of Foothills Church and is a seminary student at Pacific School of Religion.  John and his wife Mary have two young children who are active in various activities for children and youth.

Newcomers: Every 4th Sunday after the worship service at 11:15 a.m., our minister holds an Inquirer’s Class for people interested in learning more about what it means to be a member of this church and our denomination, the United Church of Christ.  We welcome newcomers to mingle with us after the worship service in the courtyard for coffee and conversation.