Majesty and Glory

Posted 08/20/14

August 20, 2014

Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them. Psalm 111:2

Rev. Matt Broadbent

Our “Science and Spirit: Kiss and Make up” went well. Don Ray was engaging and the fifty plus people were engaged. Not surprising, after lunch was the low-point when, in place of a nap, we hit some of the hard science facts and eyes started to roll. One of the slides had a graphic description of a Black Hole where anti-matter was sucking in matter and when they came into contact there was an explosion with a cloud representing light energy bursting from the center. I looked at the crowd from the back of the room and imagined I saw puffs of light-clouds bursting from the top of their heads.

It is a tough time of day to listen to complex ideas, but it was necessary to get to the final summary of the day. Ray said, “The whole ark of creation is toward greater complexity and formation of organisms. Then, he offered three definitions that were the take-away for those of us less technically-minded.

Life is the refocusing and redirecting of energy into organisms. Direct from the big-bang comes stardust that leads to particles that lead to atoms that lead to molecules that lead to organisms such as mitochondria and paramecium, plants and animals. We are participating in this grand explosion of life. While we are trying to grasp what happened billions of years ago we are caught up in the mystery of it still happening now as we travel the ark of creation.

Consciousness is the refocusing and redirecting of life into awareness of itself and its environment. We are not so much governed by the rule of “the survival of the fittest” as we are by the “survival of those who adapt.” Even an apple tree learns to adapt to its environment. We don’t think of a tree as conscious, and yet the tree becomes aware of storms, disease and weather changes. It twists and gnarls in strong defense in order to fulfill its purpose to produce apples. So, the soul of consciousness adapts to the world it meets.

Love is the refocusing and redirecting of consciousness into compassion, that isto the well-being of self, others, community, world, universe. It appears that the trajectory of creation is toward love – hard to believe as we read our daily news headlines – in this science and faith concur.

Isn’t life amazing?