Officers and Boards

Consistent with “Congregational Polity” of self-governance, many Foothills members take an active role in the workings of the church.  In addition to the elected officers, there are eight Boards that are coordinated through the Executive Council.

The Executive Council is the principal governing and policy-making body of the Church.  It consists of the Moderator, Vice Moderator, Clerk, members-at-large, the chair of each Board, and the ministers as ex-officio members.  Although the Executive Council acts for the church membership there are certain matters that are referred to the Congregation for decision, including calling a minister, deciding on any major financial program including approval of the annual budget, and other matters that the Executive Council decides important enough to require a vote of the Congregation.

Over 70 church members fill positions as officers or on the following operating Boards:

The Diaconate assists and supports the Ministers in the spiritual affairs of the Church.  This has many aspects, including: consulting with the ministers regarding worship services, arranging for Greeters, Ushers and Deacons at each worship, hosting the Maundy Thursday dinner, and reaching out to members with special needs.

The Outreach Board supervises the outreach plans of the Church, making recommendations for the distribution of funds to several agencies, as described on the Outreach page.  Approval of the recommendations is voted by the church membership at the Annual Finance Meeting prior to the Annual Meeting.

The Faith Development Board directs the ministries of the church that offer opportunities to learn about and practice Christian Faith in every stage of life.  These include the Sunday morning children’s program, youth and young adult fellowships, adult forums, and other camps, classes and retreats.

The Music Board is responsible for the adult music program, cooperating with the Director of Music and the Ministers.

The Fellowship Board organizes several social events and activities during the year, including the all-church dinner before the Annual Meeting.

The Finance Board reviews the overall financial status of the Church on a continuing basis, and directs the activities of the Treasurer and the Financial Secretary.  During December of each year, the Board develops a preliminary budget for the following year for the review and approval of the Executive Council.  Final approval of the budget is voted at the Annual Finance Meeting prior to the Annual Meeting.

The Property Management Board is responsible for all physical aspects of the Church.

The Human Resources Board is responsible for all personnel matters, working in close cooperation with the Boards that oversee staff personnel.