Other Resources

The following three websites were developed for use by our Associate Minister, Michelle Webber, for programs she has led in our church.

1) TEACHING OUR CHILDREN ABOUT AND WITH COMPASSION”   In the summer of 2013 Foothills Congregational Church had this 10 week course on compassion for our children.

2) “WELCOME TO CONFIRMATION”  In your grandparent’s church confirmation was the process through which teens learned about God and joined the church.  It was pretty much expected that teens would join the church their parents attended.  Today we do not assume that those participating in confirmation will necessarily join the church; however, joining the church does requires completion of the confirmation experience.  The point of confirmation is for to explore why it is that people bother with religion and to be able to articulate the place it has in your life.  What do you believe, why do you believe it, and what difference does it make in your life?  These are the questions raised in this confirmation class.

3) MISSION TRIP  “OUR WORK IS OUR FAITH”. . . “IN SERVING WE ARE SERVED”  Each year youth and adults from Foothills Congregational Church go on a Mission and Justice Trip. The 2013 trip to San Carlos, AZ to build a home on the Apache reservation was June 22nd to 29th.   We are currently planning our 2014 trip. There are many ways to be involved:  You can come on our next trip with us, you can help us raise money to fund our trips, you can learn more about the justice issues we work to ameliorate.  Read about our annual Mission Trips.

There are many online resources that can help in faith formation and enrichment. Several of these are accessible through the Faith Formation Website developed in Foothills Church. Also, read more about Faith Formation on the United Church of Christ (UCC) national website .

Another, “The Three-Minute Retreat” invites you to take a short prayer break right at your computer. Spend some quiet time reflecting on a Scripture passage.