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Foothills Congregational Church Seeks Senior Minister

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Foothills Congregational Church seeks a Senior Minister who shares our values as an Open and Affirming, Progressive Christian congregation of the United Church of Christ. We believe there are many ways to experience and understand God’s love and the sacredness of life. As a church family, we express our beliefs through actions, finding grace in the search for understanding and valuing questioning more than absolutes. Music enriches our journey of life-long learning, compassion and love.  We strive for peace and justice, and welcome traditional Christians, believers and skeptics, and all people regardless of age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or ability.

Our congregation expects the Senior Minister, staff and lay leaders to work collaboratively, balancing responsibilities to provide meaningful services, support members, promote activities, and manage church operations. Ideally, he/she is an experienced, inspiring preacher who relates Biblical teaching to everyday life; an outgoing, compassionate, and caring leader who welcomes all no matter where they are on life’s journey; an enthusiastic, energetic participant in the greater neighborhood, with a history of building community; a teacher who nurtures members and youth, empowering them to use their gifts in intergenerational and service activities; a rapport-builder who promotes relations with interfaith groups, encouraging diversity and multi-cultural awareness; a lover of music; and a thoughtful listener with a sense of humor who guides with wisdom, compassion and love. We aim to provide an inclusive spiritual home where all people are accepted, loved, honored, and supported by a Senior Minister who walks with us on this journey.

Interested candidates can download the Foothills Church UCC church profile by clicking here.

To apply, please send your pastoral profile directly to:

Rev. Daniel Ross-Jones, Associate Conference Minister
United Church of Christ, Northern California Nevada Conference (UCC-NCNC)
401 Roland Way, Suite 260
Oakland, CA 94621-2034

Telephone: 650-935-9010

All applications for this position will be forwarded to us for consideration by UCC-NCNC. We will not consider any applications sent directly to Foothills Congregational Church or its members.